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20/30/40 Series Gear Pumps (4-Bolt)

R6,123.75R9,625.50 incl VAT

6cc to 34cc Application: Small Cherry Pickers
27cc to 51cc Application: Small Tippers (3 Ton to 8 Ton)
61cc to 82cc Application: Bigger Tippers (10 Ton to 16 Ton) & Water Tankers
87cc to 151cc usually for Specialised Applications
If not sure about the pump specs please contact us.

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3-Bolt 20/30/40 Series Pump Data

2-/30/40 Series Pump Data

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DPAD30-17, DPAD30-27, DPAD30-34, DPAD30-43, DPAD30-51, DPAD30-61, DPAD30-82, DPAD40-87, DPAD40-109, DPAD40-133, DPAD40-151

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