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We are the solution to all of your Hydraulic-related problems.

Hydraulic Engineering you can TRUST.

Our engineering experience spans every market in which hydraulics are used. This experience allows us to take on projects from initial design concepts all the way to manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. We also offer continued support, service, and maintenance contracts to ensure our equipment gives a long lifespan and problem-free operation.

Our customers include the following industries Mining, Plastic, Injection, Transport, and much more, if it has something to do with hydraulics and machining we can assist. Visit us at 309 Dykor Street, Silverton, Pretoria.

Quick Hydraulics Online Store

Visit our online store to shop high quality hydraulic products by ODF and Fer-ro.
ODF Hydraulics

ODF Hydraulics

Shop high-quality Commercial Vehicle Hydraulics.
Ferro Hydraulic Products

Fer-ro Hydraulic Valves

Shop high-quality Hydraulic Valves.

Specialized Hydraulic Products & Services

We specialize in a variety of Hydraulic products for almost every application. We also service and repair cranes, trucks, and most hydraulic installations.

Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic Hoses

We supply all types of Hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulic Fittings

Hydraulic Fittings

We supply a variety of hydraulic fittings.

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

We supply, service, and repair hydraulic motors and pumps.

Hydraulic Cylinders


We supply, service, and repair hydraulic cylinders.

Need some help with Hydraulics?

When it comes to Hydraulics, we’ve got the answers you need. Contact us or visit us at our shop in Silverton, Pretoria.
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